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Insurance Claims Handling

We are the collision experts. We not only handle your repairs as an expert would, we handle the paper work and other details, too. When you have reported your collision to your insurance company, we will handle the rest. Sounds easy? It is! We do it all: write the estimate, take pictures for the insurance company, obtain any approvals needed, schedule the job, order the parts, and we can even arrange for a rental car to be there when you drop your car off to us. We offer pick-up and delivery,  and we can handle any maintenance issues, such as oil changes, tune-ups, fluid checks, brakes, glass issues, and even tires, all while your vehicle is in the shop for collision repair.  We can also do major mechanical work as well, even if it isn’t related to the accident.  We will keep your car in top condition, and we even send it through the detail shop before it is delivered to you.  When you bring your car to J.M., we make the whole process not only worry-free, but also hassle-free.