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Our paint department is no less sophisticated than our collision repair department. We have two paint booths to keep production rolling, and one of these booths is a high-tech “clean room” which ensures a clean paint job. This European paint booth is equipped with a baking cycle, which cures the paint at 140 degrees similar to the original factory process. This allows for faster turn-around time and a harder more durable finish. We are making many changes in our shop to become “Green” and reduce our carbon footprint.  One of these major changes is with our paint system.  We use environmentally friendly high performance water borne paint.  This paint line reduces volatile emissions by up to 80%.  It also improves air quality for the community and the work environment, and it reduces hazardous waste output.  We have had excellent results with the quality of the paint matching, finish, and longevity of the product. Our paint system provides a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.